Project: ALF

In 1996, six years after the abrupt ending of the sitcom, the long awaited conclusion to ALF’s future finally came as a movie; Project: ALF. The movie was a TV-movie of the week made by ABC. The movie takes us to a military base run by the Alien Task Force, where ALF is held captive against his will and forced to participate in some cruel and some not so cruel experiments, actually he had a pretty good time while he was there. But that was all going to change when colonel Milfoil decides he wants ALF extinct!

The cast of the movie is quite impressive and includes among others veteran actor Martin Sheen as colonel Milfoil and Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr. Warner. The fans had mixed feelings about the movie, some loved it; others didn’t like it that very much. A lot of the complaints regard the complete lack of any of the Tanners family in the movie. The movie did, however, receive good critique from acclaimed papers such as The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety and People Magazine.

While the ratings were not as good as ABC were hoping for, the movie did give us fans some closure and at the same time kept us wanting more.

Fun fact: Since ALF is so popular in Germany, they were the only country in the world that released the made-for-TV movie in cinemas.

Below are pictures of the German lobby cards from the movie, taken from my personal collection.