Following the huge success of the show, an unbelievable amount of various merchandise was released. Anything you can think of, they made it! Dolls, colouring books, puzzles, stickers, comic books, keychains, clothes, records, mugs, pins, postcards, cookie jars, posters, figures, pens, wallpapers, watches… the list just keeps going and going. The license was the most profitable of 1986 and ALF merchandise ranked fourth among all toys and games, behind GI Joe, Barbie and the Pogo Ball. It was a phenomenon back in the late 80's, you could find ALF stuff everywhere.

Most of the merchandise is pretty cheap nowadays, despite there being a lot of ALF collectors out there. It doesn't make collecting any less fun though, it only makes it more affordable!

How to collect

If some of you fans want to start to collect ALF merchandise, I suggest you visit eBay, there's tons of great ALF merchandise there. However, there are other places where you can get a hold of some ALF merchandise as well; local flea-markets and garage sales might prove to be successful. There is a big chance you can get your hands on some great ALF merchandise there, I have found lots of stuff by going to flea-markets. You can also ask some of your close friends and relatives if they have something with ALF from back in the day, because there’s a good chance they do.

To see some of the ALF merchandise that was made, visit the My ALF Collection section here on the site where I show you some of the items in my personal collection.