Here are a couple of links to some great ALF sites:

ALFtv - The best ALF site on the net with everything you can think of and a great forum for us ALF fans to discuss with each other.

Bring Back ALF - Mark's up-to-date fansite with videos and lots of other information

Stephan’s ALF page - One of the best ALF sites on the internet with lots of info, sounds and clips!

ALF Board - An active forum for German speaking people.

ALF Wiki - ALF's own Wikipedia with a lot of sections and information that can't be found elsewhere.

ALF's Place - An oldie but goodie site on Angelfire that is still available to view.

Amy’s ALF Site
- Very good ALF site with all kinds of stuff.

ALF 4 Ever - A great site by Kyle with pictures, info and much more.

Liz Sheridan - The official site of the talented woman who played Mrs Ochmonek.

Alf Clausen - The official site of the man behind the music in ALF.