About Me & This Site

So, what’s my story? Well…

When I was a very young kid in the late 1980’s in Sweden, I was, just like every other kid, a big fan of ALF. However, when the show ended, I was not able to watch an ALF episode for what seemed like an eternity.

Then… one day in the summer of 2003, I found an old VHS tape with the Pilot episode of ALF recorded on it. As I watched it I fell in love with the furry little alien all over again. Ever since that day I’ve been a huge fan, following the releases of the season sets on DVD and collecting all the ALF merchandise I’ve been able to get my hands on. The collection has grown over the years and it has become one of my favorite hobbies.

I wanted to create this site because the Internet is in need of more active ALF sites. As the years has gone by, several great ALF sites has, unfortunately, closed down. I've been working on this site on and off for several years now. The reason it took such a long time is because I didn't want to make just another ALF fansite, I wanted to make one that covered everything ALF-related I could think of. I chose this simple design to pay tribute to the many ALF sites that has used the same kind of design in the past, with a classic space background.

The name of the site is my way of honoring Mike Conway, an ALF fan who was known to many of us as ALFanatic. He was the Asst. Admin on the ALFtv forum and sadly passed away in 2010, this site is dedicated to him.


This is a non-profit fansite and I do not mean to infringe on any copyright laws. The site is created with the intention to supply ALF fans all over the world with information regarding the TV-show and its character. If you own any of the material that is on this site and you see an issue of it being here, please contact me if you wish it to be removed.