ALF’s Hit Talk Show

After years and years of petitions signed by dedicated fans, demanding ALF to be put back on air, the fans prayers had finally been answered as TV Land announced in 2003 that they were going to have ALF back on the air, but this time as a talk show host. The show was going to be called ALF’s Hit Talk Show and the pilot episode was shot in 2003. The pilot aired in July 7, 2004 and enough people tuned in to see the comeback of the 80’s star for the show to get picked up for another six episodes, all of which were taped and aired in 2004.

ALF brought with him a side-kick, the legendary announcer Ed McMahon. They had appeared together before on the episode Tonight, Tonight from season 3, where ALF substituted for then host Johnny Carson at The Tonight Show.

ALF had stars such as Drew Carey, Tom Green, Henry Winkler, Dennis Franz and Eric Roberts as his guests. He even had a special fan coming to his show. The young girl showed him how big of a fan she was by revealing a tattoo portrait of him on the left side of her hip!

Due to the fact that the show was never intended to be a long-running series and the sad fact that the ratings were not high enough to allow the series to go on any longer, the show ended after seven episodes. Despite the show being short lived, they are still living proof that dreams can come true for dedicated fans, they will keep us fans hoping for yet another great comeback by the old ALFer!

Below are some pictures from ALF’s Hit Talk Show.