ALF References

Since ALF is such a pop-culture icon, he's been referenced on many shows, movies and other formats ever since the 80's. The following is a list of shows, movies and other places where ALF is mentioned.

TV Shows

The Big Bang Theory

- In episode 17 from season 3 entitled The Precious, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard comes home with a box of collectibles they've bought at a garage sale. Howard is shocked when he reaches in and grabs an ALF doll out of the box.

Oh my God! An ALF doll. When I was eleven my mother got me one to help me sleep after my dad left. I used to pretend that my dad had moved to the planet Melmac and... ALF was gonna bring him back to me... But he never did. Where's my daddy, puppet? Where is he?
Penny: That is so sad.
Sheldon: No, what's sad is that you don't know Adam West was TV's Batman!

Family Guy:

- In episode 2 from season 1 entitled I Never Met the Dead Man, Peter is having a dream, and looks out the window, there he sees ALF sitting in a flying couch waving at him, Peter waves back.

- In episode 12 from season 3 entitled To Love and Die in Dixie, the Griffin’s are sitting at the dinner table with the TV on, where the E! True Hollywood Story featuring ALF is on.

Announcer: We now return to the E! True Hollywood Story; ALF.
By the third season, I was completely wasted all the time. I had lost all control of my bodily functions. They had to cut the crap out of my fur before each taping. But would I do it all again?

- In episode 15 from season 4 entitled Brian Goes Back to College, Peter is at a convention with his friends when he sees Brian.

Cleveland: Brian, what are you doing here?
Peter: Yeah, you look just like ALF
Brian: Peter I'm not ALF. Actually I'm Douglas Brackman from L.A law, but I'm really here to write an article on the convention for The Daily Shopper.

The Golden Girls:

- In episode 7 from season 3 entitled Strange Bedfellows, Dorothy is afraid that her mother, Sophia, will embarrass her when she and her friends are having an election meeting for a local politician in the house.

Dorothy: Ma, ma, you promised you’d stay in your room until the meeting was over.
Sophia: Who am I, ALF? I was hungry!

- In episode 15 from season 3 entitled Dorothy’s New Friend, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose laugh at a joke from a new friend of Dorothy’s.

Dorothy: “That’s very clever”
Blanche: “Very, very clever”
Rose: I can’t remember hearing anything more clever… Unless it was last week on ALF when the cat next door… (Gets interrupted by Blanche)

- In episode 3 from season 4 entitled The One That Got Away, Rose is convinced that she has seen a spaceship.

Rose: I think it's wonderful that there are other beings out there trying to meet us. They might have solutions to all our problems, cures for our diseases, new story lines for ALF.
Dorothy: They might also have tentacles on their legs so they can suck all the blood out of our heads!

Married... With Children:

- In episode 5 from season 4 entitled He Ain't Much, But He's Mine, Peggy Bundy suspects that her husband, Al, is having an affair with another woman. She discusses this with her neighbour, Marcy.

Peggy: Oh Marcy, I can't believe it. I've taken the best years of Al's life, and this is how he thanks me.
Marcy: Peggy I really don't think Al is cheating on you. I took a poll with all the women I know, and as far as his desirability, Al ranked below ALF. Which means they'd rather make love to a piece of cloth with a man's hand in it, than with your husband.

The Nanny:

- In episode 14 from season 5 entitled Not Without My Nanny, Fran Fine, the nanny has been invited to Koorestan to visit Gracie’s classmate’s father, the sultan Hassan. When talking to Gracie, she comments on how they've been treated there.

Fran: We’ve napped in satin sheets, we’ve bathed in lilac scented water and even in Arabic, ALF transcends the language barrier.

Saturday Night Live:

- In episode 10 from season 27 hosted by Josh Hartnett with musical guest Pink, there is a sketch called "HBO First Look", where they take a look at the coming movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. They make fun of the fact that you could see E.T. in a cameo in Episode I, and said that in the new one, there would be many more cameos. They show who will be in Episode II,, and the first one they show is ALF, in a poor constructed puppet.


- In episode 15 from season 1 entitled From My Bed Banter and Beyond, JD and Elliot is having an argument where JD claims that she don’t know what’s funny.

Elliot: There was nothing funny about that.
J.D.: Oh, all right, maybe you just don't know fun. Okay; let me help you out: Silly hats are funny; ALF, very funny; anyone in a chicken suit.... Oh! Over-sized phones are funny.

The Simpsons:

- In episode 1 from season 5 entitled Homer’s Barbershop Quartet, ALF is seen on the cover of US Magazine's What's Hot And What's Not issue.

- In episode 7 from season 7 entitled Bart Sells His Soul, Bart regrets selling his soul to Milhouse, so he goes to Milhouse to get it back.

Bart: Milhouse, I’ve got to have my soul back. I’ll do anything you want.
Milhouse: Uh… Well…
Milhouse’s father: Uh, Milhouse, give him back his soul! I’ve got work tomorrow.
Milhouse: I’m really sorry… I kind of traded your soul to the guy at the comic book store. But look! I got some cool pogs (Shows them) ALF pogs! Remember ALF? He’s back… In pog form.
Bart: You traded my soul for pogs?! (Runs out screaming)

- In episode 10 from season 8 entitled The Springfield Files, Homer is asked to point out the alien he’s seen coming out of the woods two Fridays in a row, from a line-up. ALF is one of the aliens in the line-up, and he even has a line, which is; “Yo!”

- In episode 9 from season 10 entitled Mayored to the Mob, the Simpsons are watching TV when a commercial comes on about a Sci-fi convention coming to town.

Announcer: "It's 'Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con'! Come meet all your favorite stars! Mark Hamill! (Mark's head spins onto the screen) ALF! (ALF’s head spins onto the screen) And many more!" (Both Mark's and ALF's heads fly on-screen simultaneously)

- In episode 13 from season 16, entitled Mobile Homer, Homer trips when he is cleaning out the garage. A spider is hanging from the garage door and approaches him, Homer then grabs an old TV Guide Magazine with ALF on the cover and throws it at the spider. The headline reads: "Why ALF hates Victoria Principal".


Domino (2005)

- They refer their driver as ALF, the cat eating alien.

Frank McKlusky, C.I. (2002)

- An ALF poster can be seen in Frank McKlusky's bedroom.

Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (2002)

- In one scene, Jonah is trying to convince pirates to sail to a place called Tarshish, when Larry makes an excuse and adds:

Larry: ... And ALF is on in half an hour

Primal Rage (1988)

- The character Lauren has an ALF doll.

Ted (2012)

- A dad and his son approaches Ted and John who are sitting on a bench in a park. The dad, Donny, mentions how big a fan he was of Ted and mentions he saw him on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Ted reminisces about the appearance and had this to say:

Ted: Oh yeah, that was uh, that was a weird interview. Ed thought I was ALF and he kept muttering anti-Semitic comments. He thought ALF was Jewish or something.