In 2004, ALF fans finally got what they'd been wanting for years - ALF on DVD. Between the years 2004-2006, Lions Gate Entertainment released the four season sets of ALF . Their releases were, however, syndicated versions of the episodes, which means several minutes were missing from every episode. This frustrated a lot of fans, which is understandable. In my opinion the DVD's were worth getting despite that fact since the first two seasons had some great extras for the fans and because ALF himself hosted the menues on all four season sets. In 2012, a Complete Series set of ALF was released by Alliance Films Media in Canada. The episodes, however, seems to be the exact same syndicated versions as was released previously on Region 1.

In 2009 after years of speculation, Germany, where ALF is very popular, released the first season of ALF in uncut format. By the end of 2010 all four seasons had been released almost completely free of cuts, which has pleased many fans around the world. A complete set of all four seasons with a furry spine was also released in Germany soon after.

The Netherlands, Japan, France and Australia has since then begun releasing ALF on DVD. Hopefully more countries will follow in their footsteps.

Below are the artwork of the US and German DVD sets of ALF.


The complete series set:


The complete series set:

Before we were treated with the season sets back in 2004, there were one DVD and VHS release from Canada called The ALF Files, which included three one hour long episodes of ALF from the first, second and third seasons of the show, namely Try to Remember, ALF's Special Christmas and Tonight, Tonight. Some cool special features are also on the DVD, like a commentary by creators Paul Fusco, Tom Patchett and a special appearance by ALF himself! This release has been out of print for a long time but can be found on Ebay and Amazon from time to time. Here is the DVD cover:

The TV-movie Project: ALF has also been released in both Canada and Germany. The Canadian release of the movie is out of print. If you're looking for a copy, Ebay or Amazon is the place to look for it. Below is the artwork of the two DVD's:

The two ALF cartoons has also gotten individual volume releases on DVD. While the ALF: The Animated Adventures set contains 9 episodes, the ALF Tales set contains 7 episodes. Below are the artwork for the two DVD's: