ALF Comics, Magazines & Books


Among the huge amount of ALF merchandise released were the comic books by Marvel Comics. The ALF comic book was a very successful one that reached the stands in March of 1988. The comic book was published for four years and ended in February of 1992, which means it was still selling for almost two years after ALF the TV show was cancelled. In total there were 50 issues made along with a couple of annuals and specials.

The popularity of ALF around the world meant that other countries chose to publish the comic book as well. It didn't take long for it to reach markets in other continents. England, Sweden, Germany, Argentina and Yugoslavia are some of the countries where the comic book was published.

I've scanned all covers of the Swedish versions of the ALF comic book. As you will notice, some of the European covers are different from the US ones, so I hope you'll find the scans interesting.

In Sweden, 24 issues were published between the years 1988-1990. Six issues in 1988, 12 issues in 1989 and six issues in 1990. Here are scans of the 24 issues, which are taken from my personal collection:





ALF also had his own magazine, which started coming out in 1989. The magazine was released every three months, once for every season of the year and were labeled as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues. The magazine ran for two years and ended in 1990, having published a total of eight issues. The issues are great fun for fans and offered a lot of exclusive stuff, such as interviews with cast members, letters to ALF and Ask ALF. A centerfold poster of ALF was included in every issue as well. Here is a scan of the Spring issue of 1990:


During the height of ALF's popularity, several ALF books were released in Germany. Most of these books were published by two book companies called Loewe and Lingen. One of these books, entitled Alles Gute Kommt Von Oben, which translates to Everything Good Comes from Above, was published in Sweden under the name of Det Är Jag Som Är ALF, which in turn translates to I'm the One Who Is ALF. Here is a picture of this particular book, taken from my personal collection:

More scans of comics, magazines and books will follow, so come back for updates.