10-10-220 Commercials

During the period of 2002-2003, ALF made a comeback by starring in no less than 10 commercials, promoting the long-distance phone company called 10-10-220. He was their main spokesman, starring in commercials along with stars such as; Hulk Hogan, Mike Piazza, Terry Bradshaw, Emmitt Smith and Toby Keith.

In 2003, ALF was replaced by John Stamos as the new 10-10-220 spokesman. When asked if he had any bitterness about being replaced by the pretty boy, he had this to say:

"Bitterness? Not at all. If they want to replace me with a no-talent hack, why should I harbor resentment or envy? I'm considering dating Rebecca now that she's available, just to make my point."

Below are some pictures from two of the commercials.